Thursday, February 19, 2015

Works from 2014 #1: Poster for The Guardians of Recoleta

Poster for The Guardians of Recoleta
Photo by Mika Johnson
I have a good amount of time at the moment, so no excuses for not catching up to organize and update my portfolio with all the works I've done in 2014. Over the next few weeks, I will be introducing my past works from late 2013-2014 which I haven't shared with you here on Cats I Know blog nor my portfolio, with new photos. Make sure to follow Cats I Know on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates. 

The first one to share with you here is the "final product" of "The Guardians of Recoleta" poster! It was printed in LA and arrived all the way here to Prague last month. Seeing my own illustration printed as a large format poster really made me happy. I'm sending a huge thanks to Blake and Adrienne Kuhre, who are the filmmakers of this documentary. "The Guardians of Recoleta" is about the lives of cats and their caretakers that inhabit a popular tourist landmark in Buenos Aires. The production is working on their post-production right now and I'm hoping to see the film on some festivals in Europe soon ;-)

Have a nice weekend and see you again next week!



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