Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's time

My ten years old red suitcase. It will be a very busy year for her.

It's time to minimize our belongings (especially mine...) again to be ready to move smoothly to a new location/country this year. I still remember when my grandpa bought me this red suitcase in a department store in hot and humid day in Tokyo. It's a decade ago already. I don't want to sound too nostalgic like an old lady but sometimes it's fun to go through these past moments. It's nice to have nice memories.

 The first place we lived in Berlin, 2004. Can you see the same suitcase?

Since all my new projects are in progress at the moment and I don't have any new work to share until February, I'd like to share a few "nostalgic" photos from past :)    

Our cat Pon Pon when she was only a month old in Prague, 2005.

(Well, maybe this is not really enjoyable except me...)



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