Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's time

My ten years old red suitcase. It will be a very busy year for her.

It's time to minimize our belongings (especially mine...) again to be ready to move smoothly to a new location/country this year. I still remember when my grandpa bought me this red suitcase in a department store in hot and humid day in Tokyo. It's a decade ago already. I don't want to sound too nostalgic like an old lady but sometimes it's fun to go through these past moments. It's nice to have nice memories.

 The first place we lived in Berlin, 2004. Can you see the same suitcase?

Since all my new projects are in progress at the moment and I don't have any new work to share until February, I'd like to share a few "nostalgic" photos from past :)    

Our cat Pon Pon when she was only a month old in Prague, 2005.

(Well, maybe this is not really enjoyable except me...)




Friday, January 17, 2014

Books by Japanese Artists

My Question Marks zine is a part of Books by Japanese Artists table on Printed Matter's new website! Yay. Click here to see the full list. Question Marks is an edition of 150 copies and last copies are available at Printed Matter (NYC), Little Paper Planes (San Francisco), Yvon-Lambert Bookshop (Paris), and TACO ché (Tokyo).

ニューヨークのPrinted Matterのサイトのスタッフの方がおすすめの本を紹介するコーナーの "日本人アーティストによる本" をピックアップしたテーブルでQuestion Marksを選んで頂きました。とても嬉しいです!このジンは東京では中野のタコシェ、アメリカではPrinted MatterとサンフランシスコのLittle Paper Planes、パリのYvon-Lambert Bookshopの店頭にて販売中です。150部限定で私の方の在庫はもう無くなってしまったので、欲しい方はお早めにどうぞ。

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blue is the Warmest Color

"Blue is the Warmest Color" is next to my favorite Man Ray postcard at the moment. 

I finally had an opportunity to watch "Blue is the Warmest Color" in a theater the other night. It was an incredible film. I really liked how Adèle, the main character, follows her animal-like intuition and desire for love, without hesitation. Watching her sleep with her mouth open reminded me of watching my cats sleep. Because of Adèle's character, every single moment in this film was unforgettable.  

ずっと観たかった映画 "Blue is the Warmest Color" がクリーヴランドシネマテークで再上映するというので日曜日の夜に観に行ってきました。主人公のアデルが本当に素晴らしく、愛のためなら頭で考える前に体が動いている、という感情そのままに生きる彼女に心を打たれました。仕草や表情もとても動物的で、スクリーン上で口を開けたまま眠っているアデルの顔を眺めていたら、私の猫たちが眠っている顔みたいでちょっと笑ってしまいました。3時間の長さの映画の全てのシーンを忘れがたくしてしまうヒロインなんて、なかなかいません。

There are 4-5 different designs for the film poster.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I'm fine.

backyard cat friend Mortical who lives underneath our house.

Good bye, polar vortex! I just wanted to say thanks to my friends and family who sent me such warm messages from overseas during the crazy cold weather here in the US. I had never experienced -13ºF/-25ºC in my life before... Even our outside cat Mortical was cold (of course...), so we brought him into our basement for two days. 

I'll be updating my portfolio site with a little more commissioned works from 2013 and some Cats I Know news for 2014 here and our Facebook very soon.

Polar vortex、本当に凄かったです。。。マイナス25度なんてなかなか体験出来ない気温ですよね。どんなだろうと思って厚着をして少し出かけてみたら、もう一瞬で鼻の中が凍って行くのがわかりました。毎日ニャーと遊びにくる我が家のポーチの下に住む野良猫くんがあまりにも寒そうだったので2日間だけ地下室に保護したり。心配してわざわざメッセージをくれた友人や家族に感謝です。

そろそろポートフォリオサイトに昨年制作した作品をアップデートする予定です。2月頃には現在製作中のCats I Knowシリーズの新作のお知らせもブログとFacebookにアップします。お楽しみに!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Limited copies of 2014 calendar available at Girl on the Wing in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Hello Canada Cat

Hello Canada! 2014 Cats I Know Calendar is now available (*limited copies) at Girl on the Wing in Hamilton, Ontario. You can find their shop at 181 King Street East, between Walnut and Mary. Closed Mondays. Hurry, while supplies last!  

カナダのオンタリオ州のみなさま、こんにちは!少量ですが、ハミルトンのショップGirl on the Wingにカレンダーを納品しました。お近くにドライブの際はぜひお立ち寄りくださいね。昨年のジムキャットシリーズの猫でカナダ猫のGifアニメも作ってみました。

photo © Girl on the Wing

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Cats I Know Calendar: featured on Racked National

Read full article here.

I'm very happy to be a part of beautifully curated 2014 calendar list by Racked National. I wish I had seven more extra rooms to hang up all calendars in this article! (hey Jambi, did you just hear that I said "wish"?!) 

UPDATE: all copies of 2014 Calendar for Little Paper Planes have been sold out. Thanks so much for your support! I have a little more copies left on my Etsy shop if you're thinking of getting yours.

ショッピングガイドRacked Nationalの2014年おすすめカレンダーリストにCats I Knowのカレンダーを選んでいただきました。かなり素敵なセレクションで、我が家にあと7つ部屋があれば全部飾りたいくらいです。サンフランシスコのLittle Paper Planes納品分はおかげさまで昨年中に売切れました!Etsy分はまだ少しあるので、欲しい方はお早めにご注文くださいね。
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