Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cats I Know 2014 Calendar #2 Inspiration for "Music of February"

Kumisolo kindly introduced the Cats I Know 2014 calendar on her site!

2014 Cats I Know Wall Calendar
"Music of February" for the Cats I Know 2014 calendar 

I know that I talk about Kumisolo too much on my blog. But please forgive me - I'm deeply in love with her music since 2011 and my addiction towards her universe is just getting stronger every time she releases her new work. And I was super lucky enough to meet Kumi and her "guitar hero" Romain in NYC this summer. In this September, she also gave me a great opportunity to create an illustration for T-shirt for Mini Don Grand Don, a Paris-based charity event for the victims of 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. 

Now the main inspiration behind "Music of February" for the Cats I Know 2014 calendar is obvious, yes, that's Kumisolo and her guitar hero! Also, February has Valentine's day. I thought drawing a couple would be nice (I actually did that for 2013 one as well.) Plus, if I go even more personal, February is Kumi's birthday month :-) Actually, I got inspired by my friends and family a lot when I was making all illustrations for 2014 calendar. And I think (& hope!) I ended up making a special calendar that almost everyone could connect. That's also one of my main goal as an illustrator - make artwork that a lot of people can find themselves in it.       



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