Sunday, September 15, 2013

new drawing: "Oh, Noise Music?"

Oh, Noise Music?
Oh, Noise Music?

We happened to see Merzbow's show last week. It was a special night - definitely like experiencing something unexpected in a great way and it made me think the word "noise music" is simply a general music category. While quite a bit of the audience decided to leave the venue ten minutes after the performance began, a few college students began dancing and trying to catch the rhythm from gigantic waves of sounds. There was a pretty girl in a red short skirt standing in the back row with an attitude of "It is not for me but let's see..." - The moment was very cinematic and I wanted to draw her as a memory of my first Merzbow show. Such a positive vibe we got from the music and the night sky looked so clear on our way back home.                


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