Saturday, August 3, 2013

August Cats / blah about my wisdom tooth.

I feel like there was no "July" for me - temporary living without our cats and one of my wisdom tooth gave me terrible days of pain! In fact, my dentist removed a wisdom tooth when I was in Japan this spring and he said he could remove the lower one too but that would ruin my vacation - I would likely be in the bed for a week or longer. I think he was right but now I need to get the surgery done in the States... hmm.... Could be cheaper to fly to Japan again and do this. blah... Anyways, now my husband and I are settled in to a new place with our cats, the pain is gone, I want to make this new month beautiful. I'm in the mood for Bill Murray films now and started my August with Scrooged. Christmas movie in summer was not bad!


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