Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Zine, Cats I Know Pin Buttons, and more in September.

After Hours zine "the pink edition"

September will be an exciting month for Cats I Know: I'll be printing the final version of "After Hours" zine with a printer in Japan next week and the new title will be available at the Kotoriten booth at the Tokyo Art Book Fair 2013. The photo above is pages from a limited edition of "After Hours" I created for the Brooklyn Zine Fest in this spring. This new version will be an edition of 200, 16 pages, full color, offset printing and 14-15 illustrations including new works. Along with "After Hours," new Cats I Know pin buttons are coming as well. I'm really hoping they will arrive to my hands on time and make it to TABF.

More updates including Cats I Know Calendar 2014 will be shared here in September. Fun! 

9月はCats I Knowにとって楽しい月になりそうです。春のブルックリンジンフェストで"the pink edition"(上の写真)として10部だけ手作りした"After Hours" を来週日本で印刷する事になりました。200部限定、16ページ、フルカラー、オフセット印刷、新作も含めたイラストレーションが14-15点といったジンになります。新しい"After Hours"は来月行われるTokyo Art Book Fair 2013ことり展ブースで販売して頂きます。ブックフェアではCats I Knowの新作バッヂとアメリカンロビンのバッヂも置いて頂く予定です。予定通りにちゃんと手元に届き、ブックフェアに間に合うように祈る日々です。。。


Saturday, August 24, 2013

new drawing: "saw you twice yesterday"

saw you twice yesterday
saw you twice yesterday

It's true but I don't know her.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Illustration for a short documentary "Who Lives There"

illustration for "Who Lives There"
I illustrated and designed a promotional image for the premier screening of a short documentary called "Who Lives There." This is a story about an owner of a full service dollhouse and miniature store with an inventory of over 20,000 miniatures. "Who Lives There" is Episode #14 of The Amerikans, a web documentary series and will be available to watch online after August 25th. 

ショートドキュメンタリー映画、"Who Lives There"の上映イベントのポスターとフライヤーに使用するイラストレーションを制作しました。オハイオ州の小さな街でドールハウスとミニチュアフィギュア専門店を経営するイギリス人の女性のお話です。主役のDawnさんは趣味が高じて仕事にという枠を超えていて、ドールハウスの世界で暮らしているような方です。8月25日以降にThe Amerikansのサイトで観られるようになるので、ぜひご覧下さい。

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

la la la, lisbonne.

Tout Finit à Saint​-​Tropez by lisbonne is totally one of my recent favorite song. I can listen the "la la la" for all night long.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Featured on Les Néréides Paris

Thanks for Les Néréides Paris for featuring a bunch of my illustrations on the blog! I somehow really like that they chose "Madame Cat" as the first piece since it's one of the oldest Cats I Know drawing I made back in 2008. My husband and I lived in a tiny 1BR apartment in Astoria, Queens in NY around that time and my "studio" space was in one corner of the kitchen. One day, I was walking home from the subway stop and suddenly a psychic reading lady came right up to my face and said with a heavy accent, "You're confused! Come see me here and I will read your fortune!" Since her voice sounded pretty unusually "witch-like," I couldn't stop thinking about her and made the Madame Cat drawing. Her reading was $15, as far as I remember.

パリのコスチュームジュエリーのブティック、Les Néréides Parisのブログで猫の作品を中心にイラストを沢山紹介して頂きました。今から5年程前に描いたマダムキャットの絵を一番最初に載せて頂いていて、自分でも久しぶりに見たからなのかどうか描いた当時の記憶がわっと甦り面白かったです。2008年頃はニューヨークのアストリアという移民の多い庶民的な街の小さなアパートメントに住んでいました。そういえば、絵はキッチンの一角に机を置いて描いていたなあ。そんなある日、最寄りの地下鉄の駅から家へ歩いている途中、「あなた今混乱しているでしょう!運勢読んであげるから私のところへいらっしゃい!」と濁声の女性に訛った英語で突然声をかけられたのです。彼女の声が魔女のようであまりにも印象的だったので、家へ帰ってからもずっと彼女のことを考えながらマダムキャットを描いたりしていました。魔女のサイキックリーディングは確か一回15ドルだったような。

Saturday, August 3, 2013

August Cats / blah about my wisdom tooth.

I feel like there was no "July" for me - temporary living without our cats and one of my wisdom tooth gave me terrible days of pain! In fact, my dentist removed a wisdom tooth when I was in Japan this spring and he said he could remove the lower one too but that would ruin my vacation - I would likely be in the bed for a week or longer. I think he was right but now I need to get the surgery done in the States... hmm.... Could be cheaper to fly to Japan again and do this. blah... Anyways, now my husband and I are settled in to a new place with our cats, the pain is gone, I want to make this new month beautiful. I'm in the mood for Bill Murray films now and started my August with Scrooged. Christmas movie in summer was not bad!


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