Sunday, June 9, 2013

journal: meeting with kumisolo in NYC

Romain & Kumi & Cats I Know tote
Kumi & Romain with Cats I Know tote bag :-)

I just returned to the United States after seven weeks in Japan. Because I only had limited access to a computer, I became a lazy blogger (I haven't learned how to blog by phone.) Actually, maybe I just became lazy in general. Okay, long story short: my husband and I had an amazing time in Japan with my family and friends :-)

And the best thing waiting for me in NYC was a meeting with Kumisolo: a Japanese musician and artist living in Paris. Kumi shared her new EP -- "La Femme Japonaise" -- and the recipe book + CD "BON APPETONS", both of which are beautifully done. My husband and I had a great time spending time with Kumi and her partner Romain.  



53rd st
Kumi and me at a subway stop.
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