Thursday, January 31, 2013

Introducing Madame Too Much

Madame Too Much
I'm happy to introduce you to my new character Madame Too Much. She has a main role to my secret project which will be released in this summer. Stay tuned with her. FYI, she is married.  

新キャラクターのMadame Too Muchをご紹介します。丸顔のアメリカンマダムで柄物しか着ないというこだわりを持っている年齢不詳の女性です。夏頃にお披露目出来る予定のプロジェクトの主人公です。どうぞマダムをよろしくお願いします。

Monday, January 28, 2013

Black cat from Paris + Fondant au chocolat

Fondant au chocolat

Beautiful black cat pin and Ladurée chocolate were mailed to me from Kumisolo in Paris (you must know how much I love her music if you have visited my blog before.) I really like that pin especially because the cat has "white socks" like our beloved tabby cat Pon Pon. Speaking of chocolate, Kumisolo has a song called Fondant au chocolat - Valentine's Day will be in a few weeks, I made a drawing of her in a chef hat while eating pieces of Parisian chocolate.

素敵な黒猫のピンとLaduréeのチョコレートがKumisoloの久実さんから届きました。嬉しいーー!この黒猫、白い靴下猫ですごく可愛い。我が家のトラ猫のポンポンが靴下猫というのもあるのかもしれませんが、この手の猫に弱いです。チョコレートといえば、Kumisoloのレシピソング、Fondant au chocolat。バレンタインももうすぐだし、パリから届いたダークチョコレートを食べながらシェフハットのKumisoloを描いてみました。

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Portrait of Young Actress

young actress
I had a chance to sneak in to a video shoot at the Oberlin College's film studio last night. Really enjoyed sketching this gifted young actress on the set.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Hello Sapporo, Hello Titi

five days till February! good-bye Coffee cat, hello dancing cats.
Cats I Know wall calendar, zines, postcard set, and pin button set just found a lovely new home in Sapporo, Japan! Titi is a very uniquely yet beautifully curated shop where you can discover handmade works by Japanese artists from many different cities.

Notes: Pin button set just got sold out today and, also I only have 4 copies of wall calendar left at my Etsy shop. I won't be producing anymore copies of 2013 calendars and the first version of pin buttons. Thank you so much for your big and kind support for my work! As for the calendar, a few copies are available at Little Paper Planes.

photo ©
札幌の素敵なショップ、TitiにCats I Knowカレンダーやポストカードなどのグッズを置いて頂ける事になりました。Titiにはまだ実際には行った事がないのですが、以前日本在住の友人たちと一緒に制作したClassicRose-Eatersというタイトルのジンも置いて頂いていたのをきっかけに時々ブログをチェックしていました。扱っている作品のキュレーションが独特で面白く、ぜひわたしの猫グッズも置いて頂きたいと思い、わくわくしながらコンタクトをしたのです。お店に並べて頂いて本当に嬉しい!そして札幌というロケーションも嬉しい理由のひとつです。札幌には2004年にドイツに移住をする直前にふとしたきっかけで2日ほど訪れたことがあり、都会なのに広々と気持ちの良い道や建物の雰囲気がなぜかこれから引っ越すベルリンを思い起こさせて不思議な気持ちになったものです。新鮮なシーフードやラーメン屋さんはもちろんのこと、当時わたしと同い年の親戚が仕事の関係で札幌に住んでいて、彼に美味しいスープカレーのお店や満天の星空が臨める丘(あれはどこだったんだろう?)に連れて行っていってもらい、短い滞在ながらとても充実した旅だった記憶があります。次回の帰国で訪れたい街のトップに入っています。


Thursday, January 24, 2013

No No No

No No No

I've noticed that cats know where is the most comfortable spot in the house. We are having 16 °F (-9 °C) weather almost everyday... Wearing three winter scarves and a hat inside the house is pretty crazy. Seems like my upstairs studio is the only room where heat never come through. Anyway, I had a pretty lazy afternoon today reading a book in the warmest room - cats' hotspot - with three cats.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

from Mongolia

This is the first time ever I received a mail from Mongolia. 
It made me want to google more Mongolian stamps...


Monday, January 21, 2013

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

I just watched an amazing documentary about an eighty-five year old sushi chef (shokunin) named Jiro Ono, who owns a very exclusive restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo. I was especially moved by the way in which Jiro talks about his craft, which embodies two traits that I identify with as a Japanese person: respect for your job and a desire to be perfect, or at least a desire to do the best you can. My favorite aspect of this film was the way in which the sushi chefs opened their hearts to the filmmaker, who, in turns out, is a young American. Had he been Japanese, I'm not sure this would have happened. But there was something about the way in which the filmmaker approached his subject, in this case Jiro, with absolute respect, that came across immediately. There is even a reverence, or love for Jiro, that is unmatched by other documentaries that I've seen in the past. In the end, this film is an excellent example of how someone like myself can experience a great appreciation of their own culture, through the eyes of an outsider. It is this foreign gaze that makes Jiro, his sons, his restaurant, and his life into something so fascinating that I walked away wanting to tell everyone about Jiro Dreams of Sushi.


Something Wrong But It's Okay

Something Wrong But It's Okay

This old drawing of mine never had a title like rest of the works in my Question Marks zine. But now it's called Something Wrong But It's Okay. I added more works from Question Marks to my portfolio site here. Ok, I'm about to watch the documentary film, Jiro Dreams of Sushi on Netflix tonight.

ポートフォリオに入れるなら名無しのドローイングにタイトルをつけようと思い立って、Something Wrong But It's Okayというタイトルをこの双子姉妹につけました。最初はSomething Wrongだけだったのですが、なんか違うねーどっちかと言えばIt's Okayじゃないと夫がいうので、くっつけてみたらなぜかしっくり。さて、今日はこれからすし職人のドキュメンタリーを観ます。『次郎、ドリームオブスシ』、日本でも公開したのでしょうか?面白かったらまた感想書きますね。

Friday, January 18, 2013

They like to sing and fly

They Like to Sing

My American Robins are finally flying.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

new portfolio site is up

My new portfolio site is finally up! I'm very happy about it and will be adding a little more images and projects there over the weekend. Hope you enjoy the new home for my cat people and other works.

Here is the link to my new site:


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

new drawing: Black and White

Black and White
A new drawing for my work-in-progress After Hours zine.


kumisolo and kinoko

Yay! My favorite musician Kumisolo wrote about Cats I Know Wall Calendar on her website today♥ So happy to see the photo! Arigato--! Click here to read the post.

I became a huge fan of Kumisolo ever since I heard her album My Love For You Is A Cheap Pop Song in 2011 and watched her web episodes called Bento Box. She is a talented musician and artist who has such a unique style - I can totally say that there is only one Kumisolo exists on the earth! Her beautiful EP Coeur Frag is available from EMI Music France. It is very addictive music, be careful. 

+ the image above is a drawing I made of Kumi and her cat Kinoko in 2011. I want to make a new one very soon!

大好きなミュージシャンKumisoloのブログにわたしの猫カレンダーが!ファンなので、彼女のサイトは良くチェックするのですが、キッチンに飾ってあるカレンダーを見て今日は朝からすっかり幸せな気分になりました。久実さん、メルシー!また勝手にKumisoloの絵を描かせて頂きます :-) 上のイラストは昨年描いたものです。

昨年の秋にEMIからリリースされたEPがとても良いです。特に表題曲のCoeur Fragひんやりした感じの音が夢の中で鳴っているみたいな、素敵な曲です。ゆったり踊りたくなるような。わたしがいろいろ書くより、聴いて頂くのが一番です。下のビデオの曲です。オフィシャルバージョンを載せたいのですが、なぜかアメリカでは観られないようになっているのです。あと、Gyoza Sistersもどうぞ。


Monday, January 14, 2013

Brooklyn Zine Fest 2013 at Public Assembly

I'm excited to be an exhibitor of Brooklyn Zine Fest 2013 which will take place at Public Assembly in Williamsburg. This is my very first zine fest to physically attend. NY friends and visitors, please come visit my table to say hi if you will be around on Sunday, April 21st! I will have two of my new zines, all the past zines and other lovely things at my table.

Click here to see the full list of BZF 2013 Exhibitors

+ The BZF 2013 is FREE, all ages, & open to everyone.

先日もちらりとお知らせしましたが、4月にニューヨークPublic Assemblyで行われるBrooklyn Zine Fest 2013にexhibitorとして参加することになりました。ブースには新しいジンと過去のジン、その他素敵なものを色々並べる予定です。楽しみ!昨年はなぜか遊びに行けなかったNY。会場近辺に住む友人の皆様ーー!ぜひ遊びに来て下さい。そして、もうひとつ嬉しいのが、昨年夏のSF以来やっと髪が切れること。幸せです。

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mikan shaped candy // Books // Black Cat Paperweight

Mikan shaped candy

One of my New Year's resolution is "Reading more books in English to improve my vocabulary" but I already feel so hard to do that after receiving Japanese books I ordered from Amazon... The black cat is telling me to finish reading these books first. My family slipped in a tiny bag of orange mikan shaped candy along with books. This kind of things make me miss Japan so much.

日本のアマゾンで少しずつ注文した本がまとめて届く日は本当にわくわくします。年に数回しか無い事だからこそ、余計に嬉しい。いつも日本の家族が送ってくれるのですが、今回は可愛いミカンの飴などと一緒にやってきました。新年の抱負のひとつとして「今年は英語の本を読んでボキャブラリーを増やす」と友人たちの前で宣言したのに、また先延ばしになりそう。英語の本は3ページ読むと眠くなり、正直に言ってしまえば The Catcher in the Rye を読了するのに3ヶ月(夫は6ヶ月だといつも言う)かかってしまったトラウマもあり。この写真で黒猫に乗っかられている『富士日記(中)』は(下)で終わりだと思うと読み終わるのが寂しくてわざと少しずつ読んでいます。タイトルに魅かれて買った『きことわ』も楽しみ。登場人物の名前だったんですね、なるほど。

"I'm a french girl far from L.A 
And I hope one day I can I wish I could speak anglais 
To say Yeeeeaaaah"

Friday, January 11, 2013

movie stills #1: Yo-yo girl in elevator

movie stills #1: Yo-yo girl in elevator
A scene from The Face of Another by Hiroshi Teshigahara 
1966 Japanese film 
The Face of Another, the novel by Kobo Abe is the first book I bought for myself which is not a comic book nor young adult novel when I was young. Because I loved the book so much, I had been avoiding to watch the film adaptation for more than 15 years: how stupid I was! The actress's face expression in this small scene caught my eyes and heart. 


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oh Léa

Oh Léa 

Portrait of French actress Léa Seydoux in red lipstick, clutch and shoes.

大好きな女優さん、Léa Seydouxを描いてみました。洋服が本当に似合う女性だなといつも感心してしまいます。これは髪がまだ長かった時の写真から。

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I know it's only January but...

spring is here, no?
I'm very excited about two of my new zines: After Hours and Book of House Cats will be debuted at an event in New York City in this coming April. It's confirmed! I will post more details about this when the event website gets updated with full information. Yay!  

今制作中の2冊のジン、After HoursとBook of House Catsを4月にニューヨークで行われるイベントでデビューさせることにしました。わーい。詳細はまだこれからイベントのサイトにアップされるので、もうしばらくお待ちください。NYを愛するわたしにとっては、とても楽しみなイベントです。そうそう、新しい猫ジンのタイトルはBook of House Catsになりました。ご覧の通り "家猫の本" という意味ですが、あまり役には立たないかもしれません。

Monday, January 7, 2013

Three Cats

three cats

Our cats follow me everywhere I go in the house. Especially when I'm doing something in the kitchen. They just sit on a table like this drawing. I sketched them while waiting our dinner to cook (coconut green curry, yum.)



Sunday, January 6, 2013

new drawing: "Sad Day"

Sad Day
A new drawing for my work-in-progress After Hours zine.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Girl in Green

Girl in Green
Here is some Saturday morning drawing. I'm thinking of including this one to my new zine After Hours. Her blue hair color: maybe my Léa Seydoux obsession came out very naturally in here... (By the way, why Léa is not in Michel Gondry's new film anymore?!

のんびりした土曜日の朝、お茶を飲みながら描いた絵です。新しいジンに入れるか入れまいか、悩み中。最近ショートヘアの女性を描くのがなぜか好きで、この女の子は青い髪にしてみました。何年か前からLéa Seydouxというフランスの女優さんに恋をしているのですが、彼女が一時期役作りのために青のショートにしていたのが絵に無意識に出てしまったのかも。でも下のトレーラーを見るとやっぱりブロンドが一番似合う気がする(余計なお世話)。あー、かわいい。

Thursday, January 3, 2013

19 °F / -7 °C

19 °F / - 7 °C
Happy New Year 2013!
This winter feels like real winter.
I like it.

今年もCats I Knowをどうぞよろしくお願いします。
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