Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014!

Wishing you a Happy New Year 
Filled with happiness and imagination.

Kaori Mitsushima
Cats I Know

Sunday, December 29, 2013

holiday journal 2013

A: Cute handmade ornament by my husband when he was in third grade.
B: Christmas tree at my family-in-law's house.
C: Super filet mignon by our top chef friend Brian.
D: Ha. Me on my birthday - very happy to be thirty-four year old ;) 
E: Approximately a 1000 calories piece of chocolate cheese cake which made my cosmopolitan tasted like unsweetened.    
F: Pee Wee Herman and Wayne White (and Dirty Dog). "Beauty is Embarrassing " - feature documentary on White's work was such an inspiring piece. Everything I love about America was in this film. By the way, discovering Pee Wee was totally my highlight in December 2013!  

Christmas and birthday are almost like one event for me. In fact, I just realized I was born on Christmas day in Eastern Standard Time if you think of time difference between Japan and the US... Anyways, I had wonderful Christmas & birthday and very happy to start my new year!

今年のホリデーシーズンも本当に楽しかったです。北米時間だと私の誕生日もクリスマス当日に重なるので、毎年そうですが全部まとめて3日くらいわーわー祝っていました。来年の今頃は夫の仕事の関係でヨーロッパにいるので、今年はアメリカならではのことをしたいなと思い、誕生日のランチは友人のレストランに行き特製フィレミニョンとハードサイダー(リンゴのお酒)、デザートは恐らく一切れ1000カロリーはあるであろうチョコレートのチーズケーキと普段はあまり頼まないカクテルなど楽しみました。たぶん一日で3キロは増えたと思われます。良いドキュメンタリーも大好きなPee Weeのコメディも観れたし、アメリカ文化の大好きな要素を満喫出来たホリデーでした。気が付いたら34歳になっていましたが、毎年今年が一番と思える人生を送れていることを幸せに思います。本当に周りの方々のおかげです。

Love Roger Roger. This one is perfect for long snowy evenings. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Winter Wonderland

 December Cat from 2013 Cats I Know Wall Calendar

"Winter Wonderland" has been my favorite Christmas song ever since I moved to the United States in 2006. Great songs always get covered by many other artists - here are my 4 favorite versions of "Winter Wonderland" ;)   

Connie Francis


holiday-reckless Radiohead...

Louis Armstrong

Thursday, December 12, 2013

3 Lovely Stockists in 3 U.S. Cities for 2014 Calendar


NYC - Brooklyn - Williamsburg - Spoonbill & Sugartown, Booksellers
Photo by © Car Los

Spoonbill and Sugartown Booksellers
218 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 387-7322



R/S Boutique
Photo by Cats I Know

R/S Boutique
2078 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 696-6220


San Francisco

Photo by Aubrie Pick for DailyCandy

855 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 643-4616


Do you live in NYC or Cleveland or San Francisco? Would you like to see 2014 Cats I Know Wall Calendar in person? Would you prefer buying holiday gifts at an actual shop instead of online shop? Yes to all three questions? - I have some good news for you. Our 2014 calendar is now available at three lovely shops in Brooklyn, Cleveland, and San Francisco! Spoonbill & Sugartown Books, R/S Boutique, and Little Paper Planes, they're all my favorite shops in the States. Lucky me ;) Check their addresses out above and visit our 2014 cats at these beautiful shops before the holiday! 

NY、サンフランシスコ 、クリーヴランドにお住まいの皆様にニュースです。来年用の猫カレンダーがブルックリンのSpoonbill & Sugartown Books、オハイオシティのR/S Boutique、そしておなじみサンフランシスコのLittle Paper Planesの店頭にて販売中です。Etsyではなく実際にカレンダーをチェックしてみたい方などはぜひクリスマス前に遊びに行ってみてくださいね。素敵なショップで販売していただいて幸せです。

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Catster's 10 Favorite Cat Calendars for 2014

Many thanks to Catster to include our calendar for "10 Favorite Cat Calendars for 2014" along with Yoga Kittens, United Bamboo, Cats of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and a lot of great 2014 cat calendars ;)

アメリカでとてもポピュラーな猫ブログ "Catster"のキャットカレンダーガイドベスト10に昨年に引き続き選んで頂きました。今年流行ったグランピーキャットはもちろん、United Bambooニューヨークのメトロポリタン美術館の猫カレンダーと共に紹介して頂き嬉しいです。わーい。


Thursday, December 5, 2013

2014 Cats I Know Calendar is available at Little Paper Planes!

UPDATE: All copies of 2014 Cats I Know Wall Calendar have been sold out at Little Paper Planes. Big thanks to everyone who purchased! - Kaori (Jan 1, 2014)

Little Paper Planesの2014年用のカレンダーの在庫が全てソールドアウトとなりました。購入してくださった方々、本当にありがとうございます。

Good news for all cat lovers in the Bay Area! 2014 Cats I Know Calendar is now available at Little Paper Planes. Visit their shop at 855 Valencia Street, San Francisco. They have so many beautiful & one of a kind holiday items! The shop is closed on Mondays.

サンフランシスコのミッションにあるセレクトショップ、Little Paper Planesにて2014年用のカレンダーを取り扱って頂いています。ベイエリアに在住の皆様、ぜひお散歩のついでにお店に寄ってみてください。昨年サンタクルスで夏を過ごした時に何回か遊びに行ったのですが、ミッションは素敵なギャラリーやブティックが集中している地区でおしゃれなヤングアメリカンが沢山うろうろしています。四季のない気候のせいかファッションがニューヨークとは全然違うので一日眺めていても飽きません。あと同じアメリカ人でも東よりゆるーい感じです。また行きたいな。あ、ショップは月曜定休です。

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

video: 2014 Cats I Know Wall Calendar commercial!

2014 Cats I Know Wall Calendar from Kaori Mitsushima on Vimeo.

Directed by Mika Johnson

Music by Podington Bear / "Happiness Is"
*Music used with a license agreement for internet of Podington Bear Music.

Produced by Cats I Know


Here is a one minute commercial on 2014 Cats I Know Wall Calendar. I hope you enjoy. It stars my cats!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Last day for enter to win Cats I Know Calendar Giveaway on Catsparella blog!

Attention, all cat lovers in the US! Today is the last day for enter to win 2014 Cats I Know calendar giveaway on Catsparella blog. Click the image above to see the post and enter!

Hello, one lucky winner, she is waiting to be on your wall ;)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cats I Know 2014 Calendar #2 Inspiration for "Music of February"

Kumisolo kindly introduced the Cats I Know 2014 calendar on her site!

2014 Cats I Know Wall Calendar
"Music of February" for the Cats I Know 2014 calendar 

I know that I talk about Kumisolo too much on my blog. But please forgive me - I'm deeply in love with her music since 2011 and my addiction towards her universe is just getting stronger every time she releases her new work. And I was super lucky enough to meet Kumi and her "guitar hero" Romain in NYC this summer. In this September, she also gave me a great opportunity to create an illustration for T-shirt for Mini Don Grand Don, a Paris-based charity event for the victims of 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. 

Now the main inspiration behind "Music of February" for the Cats I Know 2014 calendar is obvious, yes, that's Kumisolo and her guitar hero! Also, February has Valentine's day. I thought drawing a couple would be nice (I actually did that for 2013 one as well.) Plus, if I go even more personal, February is Kumi's birthday month :-) Actually, I got inspired by my friends and family a lot when I was making all illustrations for 2014 calendar. And I think (& hope!) I ended up making a special calendar that almost everyone could connect. That's also one of my main goal as an illustrator - make artwork that a lot of people can find themselves in it.       



Sunday, November 17, 2013

Making of 2014 Cats I Know Wall Calendar #1

2014 Cats I Know Wall Calendar
July Cat in Yukata from 2014 Cats I Know Wall Calendar 

Visited a printing company in Cleveland to check proofs on a couple different paper stocks. It was a very hard decision to make since my 2014 cats looked great on all paper stocks... After hours of staring at proofs, I finally settled with 100# uncoated paper. Very different feel than 2013 calendar - I love the natural matte finish! 


Triple checking to make sure there won't be any mistakes on 2014 calendar before sending the final to press. I'll be waiting for stickers for packaging, a roll of "Chicken Love" gift wrapping paper, and 2014 calendars to arrive to my hands this coming week! Will be ready to be shipped very soon!! Thanks so much for everyone who pre-ordered my calendars last week. All of you made the process move much faster than I had planned. If you place the order by November 20th, I'll be able to mail yours by the end of this month. 2014 Cats I Know Wall Calendar is available at our Etsy shop



By the way, our white cat always welcome me (or every visitors) at the door when I come home. It would be nice to imagine he missed me so much but he takes me to his food bowl soon after I open the door.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

2014 Cats I Know calendar: come see our new cats tonight at 10PM EST

Cats I Know 2014 Wall Calendar

Twelve new cat illustration for Cats I Know wall calendar 2014 will be up at around 10 PM EST on following sites!:

Cats I Know Etsyショップにて只今予約販売受付中です。

Friday, November 1, 2013

Pre-Order info for 2014 Cats I Know Calendar

November Cat from 2013 Calendar

"Milkshake in January" for Cats I Know wall calendar 2014
Milkshake in January from 2014 Calendar

You can pre-order your copy of 2014 Cats I Know wall calendar at our Etsy shop and in person (email: info@catsiknow.com). Click here to see all 12 images. All pre-ordered calendar will ship by the late November 2013!

2014年版のCats I Know 壁掛カレンダーの予約を現在Etsyにて受付中です。11月20日までにご注文をいただければ11月下旬の出荷に間に合います。12ヶ月全てのイラストはこちらでご覧頂けます。クリスマスプレゼントに間に合わせたいという日本の皆様、アメリカの郵便局がホリデーラッシュ(毎年すごいのです。。。)になる前にぜひご注文ください。よろしくお願いします。

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cats I Know for Kids #1: Let's color the cats!

Cats I Know for Kids #1 Cats I Know for Kids #1
photos by Mika Johnson

On Labor day, at my family's gathering, I asked my six year old niece to color my cat drawings. When I made my very first Cats I Know zine in 2010, more than a few people said "This is great for my kids to color." Another time, someone purchased two copies of the same zine at my Etsy shop so she'd have one to give to her kid, to color. So the idea of creating a coloring book with my cat drawings had been on my mind for several years but I've never done anything about it. But the opportunity arose when a Paris-based charity event Mini Don Grand Don asked me, this summer, to contribute one image for a fundraiser to help benefit the kids in Fukushima, Japan. Now I'm a convert and looking forward to creating more work for children in the future.

9月はじめのレイバーデイに夫の家族や親戚と集まってホームパーティーをした際に、カリフォルニアから遊びに来ていた6歳の姪に私の猫のぬりえで遊んでもらいました。猫とカップケーキが大好きな彼女にぴったりのテーマの絵で、嬉しそうに色を選んでいました。3年程前初めて猫ジンを作った時に「これ子供のぬりえにいいね!」と何人かの方に言われ、別の機会には私のEtsyショップで一冊を子供のぬりえ用にと同じジンを2冊購入された女性がいました。そういうこともあったので、いつかぬりえの本を作れたらいいな、と漠然と考えていました。そしてこの夏、パリのミニ丼グラン丼のぬりえプロジェクトに誘っていただきこのカップケーキキャットの絵を描くきっかけが出来たのです。こうして実際に遊んでもらうと、色々わかることがあり勉強になりました。黒目の部分はやっぱり色を塗れるようにしておけばよかったかなー、など。このぬりえをきっかけに、Cats I Knowの子供向けのプロジェクトも積極的に考えていきたいと思いました。

Cats I Know for Kids #1
Close-up of her finished piece. Great job, little lady!

She also colored "Chicken Love" as well and commented "this one was so much easier than the other one!"


Cats I Know for Kids #1
I like the red colored pencil stroke on the chicken's neck.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cats I Know 2014 Calendar #1 "Milkshake in January"

"Milkshake in January" for the Cats I Know 2014 calendar 

We'll be start taking pre-orders for the Cats I Know Wall Calendar 2014 from November 1st. This is the image for January - "Milkshake in January". Stay tuned for more info & new cats. 

2014年用の猫カレンダーのプレオーダーを11月1日から開始します。予定より少し遅くなってしまいましたが、2014年の猫たちは2013年よりさらにパワーアップしてます。これは1月用のイラストで、"Milkshake in January"というタイトルです。

Saturday, October 26, 2013

New article & interview by The Interactive Design Institute

The latest article and interview on my works and influences by Michael Stewart of Interactive Design Institute in the UK. Thanks Michael for the great article! It was very enjoyable to go through my main influences for illustration work including old Japanese comics by Fujio Akatsuka and Yumiko Oshima. These questions from the interview made me realized that what I've been trying to do in last couple of years and my lifetime goal are deeply connected to what I loved the most when I was a small kid. Here is a link to the full article.   

オンラインコースが充実しているイギリスのデザインスクール、Interactive Design Instituteのディレクターのマイケルさんに、小さい頃に影響を受けた赤塚不二夫や大島弓子などの漫画やこれからやりたいことなど、色々な質問をしていただきました。かなり掘り下げて記事を書いていただき感謝しています。10代後半から20代前半まで、音楽を作ったりいろいろ寄り道をしてきましたが、生涯を通してやりたい事が子供の頃一番好きだった漫画というメディアにつながっていたことにはっきり気が付かされたインタビューでした。記事はこちらのリンクで読めます

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cats I Know tote bags, anyone?

"Book Cat" and "Chicken Love" tote

Reproducing Cats I Know tote bags again in a week for this coming holiday season. I'm waiting for my orders of canvas tote bags to arrive from a supplier at the moment. Ready to silk-screen a lot of them! Recently, I've been asked from quite a bit of people about where they can purchase these bags. Answer: at the moment, only place where you can get these tote bags are Yvon Lambert Bookshop in Paris. But you can also write me an email and make pre-orders. They are US$15 each + shipping. Will be ready to ship by mid-November. If you're interested in purchasing them, please write me at info@catsiknow.com or leave a message or text on my Google Voice mail at +1-440-574-0337 (the US residents only). Please make sure to write down which tote you would like in your message. "Book Cat" or "Chicken Love". 

And more info coming for Cats I Know wall calendar 2014 this weekend!

Cats I Knowのトートバッグをまた作ります。今はアメリカ北東部、ニューイングランドの問屋さんからキャンバストートが届くのを待っているところです。早く刷りたいです!最近「トートはどこで買えますか」と色々な方から聞かれました。答えはというと、今の所パリのギャラリーの本屋さん、 Yvon Lambert Bookshop のみでの販売となっています。もし欲しい方がいらっしゃったら、私に直接メールを下さればプリオーダーという形で販売する事も可能です。価格はそれぞれ15ドル(アメリカ)と送料となります。スムーズに行けば11月中の発送となります。もしオーダーをしたいという方がいらしたら、 info@catsiknow.comまでメールか、アメリカ在住の方はグーグルボイスの電話番号+1-440-574-0337にボイスメールかテキストをよろしくお願いいたします。本を読んでいる猫かニワトリにハグしている猫のどちらをご希望か必ず書いて下さいね。


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

photo: looks better than it tastes

Looks better than it tastes

I'm not a big fan of donuts with colorful sprinkles but sometimes get it just for fun. Of course, I eat and regret it right afterwards.      


Take a break every once a while and meditate like our cats :-) 


+ Getting ready for Cats I Know holiday shop for Etsy and elsewhere. 
Calendars, buttons, cards, and more will be coming soon!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ounie Nouvelle at BADEN BADEN special shop in Tokyo


Ounie Nouvelle's beautiful tights & socks are available at BADEN BADEN special shop in Tokyo until October 10th! I was commissioned to illustrate their tights package and the introduction page of catalog from 13/14 Autumn/Winter collection.   

タイツのパッケージとカタログのイラストを描かせていただいた "Ounie Nouvelle" の素敵な靴下とタイツが今週木曜日10/10までバーデンバーデンにて販売中です。下の写真は私がリクエストして送っていただいたウニーのタイツ(changement couleur tightsのブラック)と靴下です。発色やデザインの美しさはもちろん、タイツの履き心地の良さはお世辞抜きに素晴らしいです!これからの季節に向けてリブタイツも何色かオーダーしようと決めたので、ワクワクしています。Ounie Nouvelleのタイツに合うようなミニスカートやドレスも新調したくなってしまいます。東京にいらっしゃる方はぜひこの機会に手に取ってみてはいかがでしょうか。

Ounie Nouvelle's tights and two pairs of socks I received!
I'm going to order a couple more rib tights too ;)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Cat, a sleepy cat, and Swimming

October Cat

Pon Pon
Our Czech cat Pon Pon

It's October and I'm still working on new illustrations for the Cats I Know calendar 2014... All twelve images of 2014 calendar will be available by mid-October on my portfolio site. Also, the detailed information for how to order your copy. This year, we're taking pre-orders only. And sending out all orders (the US and international) on the same day in November. Please stay tuned! Updates on the calendar will be available here and our facebook page.

And, here is a photo of our cat Pon Pon. Being sleepy, most of the day. Also, my recent favorite song "Swimming" by Breathe Owl Breathe.  



Sunday, September 29, 2013

inside of the new zine "After Hours"

After Hours zine
Will be available soon in October!

About "After Hours" zine

This book is inspired by the Japanese word "Setsuna", which means "a moment" or "an instant". The word originates from a Buddhist term that means "split second." After Hours is a collection of these "moments", which intersect with our everyday life. While such moments come and go, they sometimes reach our awareness through the objects and colors around us, hence the images in this book. The title itself comes from The Velvet Underground's song "After Hours": a melancholic longing for a Setsuna "moment" that could last forever.

新作ジン "After Hours" について

刹那という言葉から発想を得てこのジンを作りました。インドを発祥とし中国を経て日本へ渡って来た仏教語で、時間の最小単位を意味するそうです。私たちの日々の中で知らぬ間に過ぎて行く時間は、その速さゆえに色と形だけを記憶の中に残して行きます。このジンの中には、そういった気にも止めなかったような瞬間をテーマにしたイラストレーションを集めました。タイトルの "After Hours" は、刹那的な夜が永遠に続く事をメランコリックに願う、ヴェルヴェットアンダーグラウンドの同名曲への敬意を込めて付けました。

After Hours zine 
After Hours zine

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

new work: illustration for short documentary film

short film poster
Illustration for short documentary poster
"Anna Rising" by Ben Tobin

Friday, September 20, 2013

new zine "After Hours" will be available at the Tokyo Art Book Fair 2013 this weekend!

The front cover of After Hours. 
The postcard and Madame Too Much clear sticker are included in the zine.

The back cover of After Hours
photos © Ko Ogura

After Hours
September 2013 | 16 Pages | 5.12 × 8.27 inches | Color Offset
Edition of 200
Printed in Japan

I'm very happy to announce that my new zine "After Hours" will be debuted at the Kotoriten booth (Room B at the first floor) at the Tokyo Art Book Fair 2013. A special postcard and "Madame Too Much" sticker will be included in this zine. All are offset printed in Japan with an amazing help by my graphic designer friend Ko Ogura. And look like the members of Kotoriten will be showcasing a bunch of new titles at the fair! Wish I could be there. Please come join the fair if you'll be around in Tokyo this weekend. See below for more info.    

新しいジンAfter Hoursが無事に完成しました!明日9/21(土)から23日(月)の三日間開催されるTokyo Art Book Fair 2013Kotoritenブース(一階のRoom B)にて会期中販売して頂きます。今回はいつもの白黒ジンではなく、オールカラーのオフセット印刷で制作しました。ジンの中には入っていないイラストのポストカードとMadame Too Muchというキャラクターの透明丸シールが付録で付いてきます。全て日本で印刷しました。今回10年来の友人でグラフィックデザイナーの小倉さんに最初から最後まで制作に関わって頂いて大変感謝しております。東京とオハイオの遠隔操作で(-13時間の時差と戦いながら)心をこめて作った本です。そして、Kotoritenメンバーの皆さんも新作を用意して素敵なブースで待っています!本の他にもトートバッグ、バッヂ、ことりくじ(!)などなど、行けないのが本気で残念。。。東京に今週末いらっしゃる方はぜひ楽しんで来て下さい。うらやましい!イベント詳細は下をご覧下さい。

(all texts below are from TABF official site)

Zine's Mate presents the 5th annual Tokyo Art Book Fair. Featuring close to 300 participants from 15 countries, the fair will be the largest gathering of art publishers, independent publishers and self publishing artists in Tokyo ever and by far the largest event of it's kind in Asia. Entry to the fair is free, open to the public and regularly attracts over 5000 visitors over the course of the 3 days.

Dates: September 21st (Sat) 15:00-21:00
22nd (Sun) 12:00-20:00
23rd (Mon/National Holiday) 11:00-19:00
Venue: Kyoto University of Art and Design, Tohoku University of Art and Design
GAIEN CAMPUS(1-7-15 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

この秋、アジア最大のアートブックフェア、THE TOKYO ART BOOK FAIRは第5 回目を迎えます。今年は15以上の国からアート系出版社、ギャラリー、書店、ジンメイカーやアーティストなどが約300組が一堂に会します。過去最大規模となる本フェアをお見逃しなく!

9 月21 日 (土) 15:00-21:00 レセプションパーティー(どなたでもご来場頂けます)
9 月22 日 (日) 12:00-20:00
9 月23 日 (月・祝) 11:00-19:00
会場:京都造形芸術大学・東北芸術工科大学 外苑キャンパス

Thursday, September 19, 2013

new work: "Madame Ounie" for Ounie Nouvelle

The package of Ounie Nouvelle 's 2013/2014 AW collection

Images from Ounie Nouvelle's 2013/2014 AW collection catalog
© 2013 Ounie Nouvelle

Created the "Madame Ounie" illustration for the Japanese legwear label Ounie Nouvelle's tights package. The cat lady is wearing one of their rib tights! Click the image above to see their 2013/2014 AW collection catalog. 

新しいレッグウェアブランドOunie Nouvelleのタイツのパッケージデザインに猫のイラストレーションを使って頂きました。その名も"Madame Ounie"!デザイナーの麻里さんのディレクションによって、リブタイツをさらりと履きこなしているすましたキャットレディーが出来上がりました。タイツを取り出した後は、ステーショナリーなど細々したものを入れるポーチにも出来ますね。黒と白の二種類あってとても素敵です。

エレガントな色使いのOunie Nouvelleの靴下とタイツは、シンプルなコーディネートのポイントになるので私自身も愛用しています。3色カラーブロックの靴下"trois couleur chaussettes"の大ファンですが、これからの季節は"changement couleur tights"を黒のショート丈のボトムに合わせて着てみたいです。

さて、Ounie Nouvelleが気になっている東京在住の方や旅行で訪れる方にニュースです。来月10月4日(金)から10日(木)の6日間、EMBROIDERY PLANTS BROOCH」期間中のバーデンバーデンSPECIAL SHOPにて“Ounie Nouvelle”のソックス、タイツを期間限定で販売されるそうです。会場は東急東横線学芸大学駅より徒歩5分とのこと、Ounie Nouvelleのアイテムを実際に手に取れる貴重な機会ですので、ぜひお立ち寄りください。コレクションのカタログはこちらで見る事が出来ます。

〒152-0001 東京都目黒区中央町2-31-7 営業時間:12時〜18時(会期中無休)

The packages in black and white
© 2013 Ounie Nouvelle

"Madame Ounie"!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

new drawing: "Oh, Noise Music?"

Oh, Noise Music?
Oh, Noise Music?

We happened to see Merzbow's show last week. It was a special night - definitely like experiencing something unexpected in a great way and it made me think the word "noise music" is simply a general music category. While quite a bit of the audience decided to leave the venue ten minutes after the performance began, a few college students began dancing and trying to catch the rhythm from gigantic waves of sounds. There was a pretty girl in a red short skirt standing in the back row with an attitude of "It is not for me but let's see..." - The moment was very cinematic and I wanted to draw her as a memory of my first Merzbow show. Such a positive vibe we got from the music and the night sky looked so clear on our way back home.                


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pin Buttons for Mini Don Grand Don at Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris

Pin buttons for Mini Don Grand Don
Created special pin buttons with the Kumisolo+Kinoko illustration for Mini Don Grand Don - Paris-based charity event for the victims of 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. These buttons will be available at their booth at Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris on September 20, 21, 22 and all sales will be donated to Citizen's Radioactivity Measuring Station (CRMS). Don't miss the Kumisolo show at this event if you're around in Paris next week! Below is her latest music video "Transports en commun" from "La Femme Japonaise" ep. Youtube version has more than 40,000 views (!) but not available in the States, so I embedded the Vimeo version here. I'm sure you'll enjoy this video - who wouldn't anyways?!:    

Kumisoloと彼女の愛猫きのこのイラストでバッヂを作りました。来週パリで行われるイベントTokyo Crazy Kawaii Parisの会場のミニ丼グラン丼ブースで9/20〜9/22の三日間を通して販売して頂きます(クミソロのライブは9/20です。)売上金は全てCRMS(市民放射能測定所)に寄付されるそうです。新しいプロモーションビデオ"Transports en commun"がフランスで注目を浴びているKumisoloのライブ、見逃せません。来週パリにいらっしゃる方はぜひ!Youtubeバージョンはアメリカではブロックされていて観られないので、下にはVimeoバージョンを貼付けました。エンジョイ! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

photos: Cats I Know in real life.

Pon Pon
Our cats: Pon Pon (tabby) and Araise a.k.a. Rikun-Taro (white)

My husband Mika has been taking photos of our cats everyday since a couple weeks ago. Here are the ones I love from his Flickr set.      

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