Sunday, December 30, 2012

maneki neko, oosouji, good-bye 2012

We started our oosouji (a big house clean-up day, a new year tradition in Japan) today. I love throwing/giving away things I don't need in general but still we have too many things in our house... This Gotokuji manekineko is something I could never get rid of until when my life is over. My husband and I love her and she has been traveling with us since 2005 as we moved to new countries and cities! 

Have a happy new year for you all. 


Friday, December 28, 2012

Work in progress: "After Hours" zine

After Hours #2
I'm so happy to finally start working again on two of my new zines: "After Hours" and new "Cats I Know." Here are some sneak peeks for "After Hours" zine. All the images for this zine will be "non-cat" works... I'm thinking of joining at least one zine fest in the US or elsewhere in 2013 since recently realized that I've never even join one zine fest nor art book fair physically (only my zines traveled!) Would be fun for sure.    
After Hours

Winter Cat / A day of doing nothing

Winter Cat
Sometimes it's so nice to spend a day doing nothing - especially in a snowy day. Looking at photos of beautiful cakes and reading recipes from Miette book in bed, chasing one of our white cat, Sula to take photos of her in snow (kind of failed...) and reading some Japanese books (again) in bed. Today, I was as lazy as one of the cat illustration I made for 2013 Cats I Know Wall Calendar.     


Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays + New Look!

Only 8 more days left until 2013! First of all, thanks to everyone who bought my zines, pin buttons, prints, and calendar at my Etsy shop and in person. I also want to thank everyone who commissioned works and invited me to join exhibitions, book fairs and zine fests. I owe all of you a big thanks. I'm so grateful that my works, especially my zines, traveled to so many different cities in the US, Europe and Japan! I hope this coming new year, I too will be traveling more outside of the US.

And, yes, Cats I Know blog has a new look! I'm planning to post more journal-like photos and doodles here in 2013 since I'd like to share something more personal. Plus, I've been working on my portfolio site under a new domain name, so all of my works will be moved to the new site within a week.

Have a wonderful holiday!


+ 2013 Cats I Know wall calendar was featured on 4 cat blogs: 
Thanks so much for these lovely cat bloggers

+ the photo above: cat paw prints on snow by our white cat #2 sula.

+ the song I was listening today. very fun:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cats I Know Postcards

Cats I Know postcards are now available on our Etsy shop as a set of 6 or as single cards!     

Saturday, December 8, 2012

New cat illustration: "warming up"

This "warming up" illustration will be available as postcards at my Etsy shop on this coming Sunday*. Stay tuned!

*hmm... we couldn't take good photos of the postcards with the natural light due to the dark-cloudy-rainy weather. They will be on sale at my Etsy shop by Tuesday, Dec 11th. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

FAQ - Re: 2013 Cats I Know Wall Calendar (in Japanese only)

*This blog post is written in Japanese only since they are the answers to FAQ from Japanese customers for 2013 Cats I Know Wall Calendar.

2013 Cats I Know Wall Calendarの購入方法について、何人かの日本在住の方々から質問をメールとFacebookを通して頂きました。もしかして他にも気になっている方がいるのではと思い、ここで改めて質問に答えさせて頂きます。



Q:ペイパルを使わずに購入する方法はありますか(e.g. 日本国内の銀行振込など)


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Featured on Urban Outfitters Blog

2013 CATS I KNOW Wall Calendar was featured on Urban Outfitters Blog! Yay! Thanks to Ally who wrote the post

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grafixx Zine Fest in Antwerp (ends tomorrow!)

My zines are available at Grafixx Zine Fest in Antwerp this weekend!
Open to public from 10-6pm on Sunday, December 2nd (tomorrow!) 
Click the image above to read more info. 
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