Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sontag Shogun 2015 Japan Tour Poster

Sontag Shogun 2015 Japan Tour Poster
I'm very happy to share my new Cats I Know illustration for Brooklyn based trio Sontag Shogun and this piece is for their first Japan tour poster. If you're a fan of music by Hauschka, Jóhann Jóhannsson, ‪Chilly Gonzales‬ (Solo Piano II, especially…) like myself, Sontag Shogun will be added to your favorite list. Also, I imagine that audiences in each cities would be easily connected to sensitivity and quietness in their music. Please don't miss this special opportunity to see the band play in front of you if you live in Kanto &Kansai regions, Nagoya and Niigata!

I would like to introduce you to two of my favorite tracks by Sontag Shogun which can be purchased at their bandcamp:

Photo by Mika Gagne
... and here are some bonus photos related to Sontag Shogun poster:
Sontag Shogun Tape Cat Tee
Sontag Shogun Tape Cat Tee
Photos by Sontag Shogun
These limited numbers of not-for-sale "Tape Cat" tees were specially made for "Tape Cat" of Sontag Shogun, Jeremy Young's birthday! Aren't they look awesome? This idea came from his lovely partner Catherine who runs Collectif Blanc, a Montreal-based organization dedicated to showcasing design and publishing in print (I participated to one of their exhibition in spring 2014). 


ブログの英語の本文と全く関係のない話でしたが、ニューヨークはブルックリンのバンドSontag Shogunの春の日本ツアーのポスターのイラストを描きました。関東、関西、名古屋、新潟、全8都市を廻るそうなので、お近くにお住まいの方はぜひ!繊細で美しい音楽を奏でるトリオです。リンクなどは上記でチェックしてください。


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Our Cat People will be back from their long vacation in 2015, which will include a new calendar and more ;) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Cats I Know!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mini Cat Portrait for The Guardians of Recoleta backers

4"x6" Mini Cat Portrait for The Guardians of Recoleta backers! 9 spots are left so far for the limited "Final Week Reward" on their Kickstarter page. Just scroll down and you will find this reward on your right hand side of screen :-) Support the cat movie and receive all the cat rewards including the theatrical poster I illustrated. Their Kickstarter will go on until October 2, 2014.   

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

new illustration: The Guardians of Recoleta

Illustration for The Guardians of Recoleta
© Be More Real™
I was asked to make a film poster, with an illustration, for a new feature documentary titled The Guardians of Recoleta, by LA based media production Be More Real™. The film is about the lives of cats (and their caretakers) that inhabit a popular tourist landmark in Buenos Aires. 

They just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds. Below is from their Kickstarter page:

By contributing to our campaign, you’ll help preserve the legacy of the Guardians of Recoleta for many years to come. We say “Guardians” because cats are very independent and no one actually “owns" them, the cats themselves are de facto guardians of the cemetery, our main character has been their Guardian for 20 years, and you'll also become a Guardian by contributing to our campaign. Ideally, we’d like to see every cat adopted but the truth is even if this goal were achieved, people will still use Recoleta Cemetery as a dumping ground for their unwanted felines. Your donation will help get our documentary made and distributed, spread awareness to the situation and cause, champion pet adoption, and help us establish & partner with a Buenos Aires non-profit to ensure every cat will continue to receive care.
*Click the cat head above to learn more and watch the trailer of Guardians of Recoleta.




Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Journal

April is almost over. Since this is my first/last blog post for this month, I'll go through what was happening to Cats I Know by posting these photos below.     

via bookcat_boom on Instagram

photo © shop MAKERS

We have a new stockist in Busan, South Korea, shop MAKERS! They have very last copies of 2014 Calendar (an edition of 140), both totes and After Hours zine. I've never been to Korea, but very sweet and friendly team of shop MAKERS made me want to visit the country even more (...and I'm a big fan of Korean food)         

Baby announcement card
"Bienvenue Miyo chan"
Illustration for a baby announcement card for Kumisolo

I also made a rubber stamp with her name in hand lettering Japanese characters.  

Welcome to the world Miyo chan! I was asked to create this illustration for a baby announcement card for my favorite musician Kumisolo. This illustration was already made a couple months before her birth, so drawing a family portrait with a pre-born baby (kitten!) was a quite special experience. Thanks so much Kumi-san! 

photos ©

Very happy to be a part of this group exhibition "Collectif Blanc, Spécial Illustration" in Montreal - photos are from their opening night at café Névé.

Cats I Know Tote Making
Cats I Know Tote Making
We reprinted our Chicken Love and Book Cat totes for restocking and a group exhibit in Tokyo. 

Character Selfie for Pictoplasma Berlin
My "Chicken Love Selfie" is selected to be part of the central installation at Pictoplasma exhibition in Berlin in May 1-11, 2014!

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韓国の釜山にある素敵なブックショップshop MAKERSでの作品の取り扱いもスタートしました。メールでのやりとりだけでもスタッフの方の暖かさが伝わって来て、すぐにでもお店に遊びに行きたくなりました。韓国と言えばニューヨークに住んでいたときに本格的なレストランに出会って以来の韓国料理ファンで、いつか訪れたいなーと思っていたところでした。

モントリオールで開催されたCollectif Blancのイラストレーションをフィーチャーしたグループ展に今までのジンとカレンダーを出品しました。After Hours以外は全てストックゼロのだったので、自分用のストック一冊ずつと4年前に制作したCats I Knowジンに関しては一冊限定のスペシャルエディションを制作しました。全てソールドアウトとのことで、嬉しいです!購入して頂いた方に感謝です。