Tuesday, June 10, 2014

my portfolio site is under construction

*update: It's fixed! 戻りました :) (June 13, 2014)

My portfolio site, http://kaorimitsushima.com/ is currently under construction. I'm just transferring the domain to a new registrar, so will come back shortly!


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Journal

April is almost over. Since this is my first/last blog post for this month, I'll go through what was happening to Cats I Know by posting these photos below.     

via bookcat_boom on Instagram

photo © shop MAKERS

We have a new stockist in Busan, South Korea, shop MAKERS! They have very last copies of 2014 Calendar (an edition of 140), both totes and After Hours zine. I've never been to Korea, but very sweet and friendly team of shop MAKERS made me want to visit the country even more (...and I'm a big fan of Korean food)         

Baby announcement card
"Bienvenue Miyo chan"
Illustration for a baby announcement card for Kumisolo

I also made a rubber stamp with her name in hand lettering Japanese characters.  

Welcome to the world Miyo chan! I was asked to create this illustration for a baby announcement card for my favorite musician Kumisolo. This illustration was already made a couple months before her birth, so drawing a family portrait with a pre-born baby (kitten!) was a quite special experience. Thanks so much Kumi-san! 

photos © baronmag.com

Very happy to be a part of this group exhibition "Collectif Blanc, Spécial Illustration" in Montreal - photos are from their opening night at café Névé.

Cats I Know Tote Making
Cats I Know Tote Making
We reprinted our Chicken Love and Book Cat totes for restocking and a group exhibit in Tokyo. 

Character Selfie for Pictoplasma Berlin
My "Chicken Love Selfie" is selected to be part of the central installation at Pictoplasma exhibition in Berlin in May 1-11, 2014!

We're finally :) on Instagram since April 1st. Update almost daily.
Follow us @cats_i_know 


韓国の釜山にある素敵なブックショップshop MAKERSでの作品の取り扱いもスタートしました。メールでのやりとりだけでもスタッフの方の暖かさが伝わって来て、すぐにでもお店に遊びに行きたくなりました。韓国と言えばニューヨークに住んでいたときに本格的なレストランに出会って以来の韓国料理ファンで、いつか訪れたいなーと思っていたところでした。

モントリオールで開催されたCollectif Blancのイラストレーションをフィーチャーしたグループ展に今までのジンとカレンダーを出品しました。After Hours以外は全てストックゼロのだったので、自分用のストック一冊ずつと4年前に制作したCats I Knowジンに関しては一冊限定のスペシャルエディションを制作しました。全てソールドアウトとのことで、嬉しいです!購入して頂いた方に感謝です。




Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Equinox

11 more days left until April.... Can't really believe it. Our February - early March just went nuts and my husband and I both know it will get crazier towards this summer's big relocation to Europe. But I try to breathe deeply often or cuddle with our cats every once a while to calm myself down. I've been seeing robins a lot lately when I go for jogging which makes me happy. Happy first day of spring to you all!


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Character Selfie for Pictoplasma Berlin

Chicken Love Selfie

In mid-February I discovered this awesome open call for entries, called "Character Selfies", from Pictoplasma Berlin. I immediately wanted to submit a selfie of my cat people. This image is what I came up with. Do you like taking a selfie with your pet?             


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Portraits by Miyu Kuno

© Miyu Kuno

I happen to have a great opportunity to have a portrait of me and Pon Pon drawn by talented Japanese designer and illustrator Miyu Kuno! She also made a portrait of my husband Mika (see the image below) We love her portraits so much. Lucky us! ;) 

See more of her portraits here: http://portraitsss.tumblr.com/


© Miyu Kuno

After Hours zine at Printed Matter

My latest zine "After Hours" is now available at Printed Matter in NYC. Click the image above to go to their online shop or visit their store (closed on Sunday). 

Printed Matter

Friday, February 7, 2014

so fresh so clean

Good-bye old colors.

Feel so good to start new projects with clean palettes.

Little sketches on my notebook for one of Cats I Know's new project.

Just finished up a couple new projects I was working on since January and ready to move onto the next ones! I won't be able to show you these new works until this coming spring, so let you know when they're on my portfolio site. As you see in the photos above, I cleaned up all my paint palettes early this morning and it was as therapeutic as going to the gym for me. At the moment, I'm working on a commission for the cover and interior illustrations of a book of Haiku which will be published this year - this project has been really a great learning experience for me in many different levels. Also, a new Cats I Know project is coming along slowly as well as my first comic "Madame Too Much"!

今朝は早起きをしたので、夫と外で朝ご飯を食べに行ってから数ヶ月ぶりにパレットを全部きれいさっぱり洗いました。昨日いくつかのプロジェクトが無事終了し、昨年末に依頼を頂いた俳句の本(言語は英語です)のカバーと挿絵の仕事がいよいよ最終段階まで進んで来ていて、気持ちをリフレッシュしたいと思ったのです。最近全く通っていませんが、ジムに行った後くらい気分がすっきりしました。Cats I Knowの新作もゆっくりですが着々と進んでおり、他の方に助けを借りながらも初のコミックMadame Too Muchの第一話のストーリーが出来てきました。ストーリーを一から書くのがこれほど難しいとは、と身にしみております。英語で書いているので夫に随時チェックしてもらっているのですが、「起承転結が全くなっていないからこれでは他の人に伝わるはずが無い」とか厳しいです。今年は元旦から日々勉強の年です。フェリーニの映画のサントラ聴いて気分をあげて作業をしています。まだ色々作品をお見せ出来なくて残念ですが、猫写真やブログの更新は随時Facebookに載せています。  

Listening to: OST OCTO E MEZZO 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's time

My ten years old red suitcase. It will be a very busy year for her.

It's time to minimize our belongings (especially mine...) again to be ready to move smoothly to a new location/country this year. I still remember when my grandpa bought me this red suitcase in a department store in hot and humid day in Tokyo. It's a decade ago already. I don't want to sound too nostalgic like an old lady but sometimes it's fun to go through these past moments. It's nice to have nice memories.

 The first place we lived in Berlin, 2004. Can you see the same suitcase?

Since all my new projects are in progress at the moment and I don't have any new work to share until February, I'd like to share a few "nostalgic" photos from past :)    

Our cat Pon Pon when she was only a month old in Prague, 2005.

(Well, maybe this is not really enjoyable except me...)




Thursday, January 16, 2014

Books by Japanese Artists

My Question Marks zine is a part of Books by Japanese Artists table on Printed Matter's new website! Yay. Click here to see the full list. Question Marks is an edition of 150 copies and last copies are available at Printed Matter (NYC), Little Paper Planes (San Francisco), Yvon-Lambert Bookshop (Paris), and TACO ché (Tokyo).

ニューヨークのPrinted Matterのサイトのスタッフの方がおすすめの本を紹介するコーナーの "日本人アーティストによる本" をピックアップしたテーブルでQuestion Marksを選んで頂きました。とても嬉しいです!このジンは東京では中野のタコシェ、アメリカではPrinted MatterとサンフランシスコのLittle Paper Planes、パリのYvon-Lambert Bookshopの店頭にて販売中です。150部限定で私の方の在庫はもう無くなってしまったので、欲しい方はお早めにどうぞ。

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blue is the Warmest Color

"Blue is the Warmest Color" is next to my favorite Man Ray postcard at the moment. 

I finally had an opportunity to watch "Blue is the Warmest Color" in a theater the other night. It was an incredible film. I really liked how Adèle, the main character, follows her animal-like intuition and desire for love, without hesitation. Watching her sleep with her mouth open reminded me of watching my cats sleep. Because of Adèle's character, every single moment in this film was unforgettable.  

ずっと観たかった映画 "Blue is the Warmest Color" がクリーヴランドシネマテークで再上映するというので日曜日の夜に観に行ってきました。主人公のアデルが本当に素晴らしく、愛のためなら頭で考える前に体が動いている、という感情そのままに生きる彼女に心を打たれました。仕草や表情もとても動物的で、スクリーン上で口を開けたまま眠っているアデルの顔を眺めていたら、私の猫たちが眠っている顔みたいでちょっと笑ってしまいました。3時間の長さの映画の全てのシーンを忘れがたくしてしまうヒロインなんて、なかなかいません。

There are 4-5 different designs for the film poster.

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